About Us
Velo Service course has been a vision, built from passion, commitment and many years of hard work in the Triathlon and bike industry.

Dan has been involved with bikes globally for most of his life. Initially riding on knobbly tires as a young boy, his commitment to the sport grew with age and Dan spent most of his 20's racing as a professional triathlete. Whilst travelling and racing Dan worked as a mechanic and learnt the art of bike fit through personal experience. This forged his pathway to follow as a dedicated mechanic, after an accident abruptly curtailed his career as a professional athlete.

Dan has worked on the international UCI cycling circuit as well as with age group and professional triathletes. One of the highlights of his year comes in October, when he departs for Kona, Hawaii to head the team of bike mechanics for the ironman world championships, he has been a solid part of the team every year since 2006.

Reaching the pinnacle of his field Dan has worked closely with many professional triathletes including Chrissie Wellington, Craig Alexander, Rasmus Henning, Faris Al Sutlan, Chris McCormack,  and two time and current Ironman world champion Jan Frodeno. 

The sunshine coast is a triathletes playground, and now has its own fully operational service course, an experience normally only available to pros. Just call and make sure he is available and Dan will be more than happy to show you his full range of BMC bikes, discuss your needs and share a story or two, from a life spent working with  some of the worlds most inspiring athletes!